XV World Forestry Congress


Rebecca Ssanyu

Development Research and Training, Uganda

Social Policy Specialist


Rebecca Ssanyu is a Social Policy Specialist in Uganda, and is currently an advisor to the country’s Expanding Social Protection Program. She is strongly interested in public policy issues such as social justice and social protection, humanitarian action and disaster risk management, minority (disability, gender, indigent workers’) rights, and governance processes particularly those including relationships between government and grassroots. Ms. Ssanyu has over 20 years’ experience in public policy research and analysis; lobbying and advocacy with government ministries, departments, and agencies; as well mobilising civic action to generate discourse and demand for responsive government policies and programs. From 2012 to 2020 she worked with Development Research and Training, a think-tank on social policy issues in Uganda - first as a Social Policy and Human Resource Development Specialist, and later as the Executive Director. She holds a bachelor’s from Makerere University, a Post Graduate Diploma from Uganda Management Institute, a post graduate certificate in Gender Inclusive Development from Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia, and a master’s in social policy from the University College Cork, Ireland.