XV World Forestry Congress


Dian Sukmajaya

ASEAN Economic Community Department

Senior Officer Forestry


Dian Sukmajaya, is a Senior Officer Forestry, Food Agriculture and Forestry Division, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Depart, ASEAN Secretariat. His professional career was started at the Association of Indonesian Forest Concession Holders (APHI) since 1997 as environmental and ecolabelling specialist. He was joined the ASEAN Secretariat in 2008 with the responsibility to facilitate and promote dialogue on ASEAN Cooperation in Forestry covering the areas of sustainable forest management, forest law enforcement and governance, forest products development, social forestry, CITES/Wildlife Enforcement and forest and climate change. He is also responsible to promote the dialogue on nature-based solutions and decarbonization efforts in forestry sectors. He provided support to ASEAN Senior Officials on Forestry (ASOF) and its sectoral bodies.