XV World Forestry Congress


H.R.H. Princess Basma bint Ali

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

FAO Goodwill Ambassador


HRH Princess Basma bint Ali of Jordan has been actively working on biodiversity conservation in Jordan for over 30 years. In 2021 Princess Basma bint Ali was appointed as the Chairperson of the Board of trustees of the Hashemite Fund for Development of Jordan Badia. Her focus is to steer the socio-economic capacity building through local community based sustainable development that is focused on green growth. Princess Basma has also founded several non-profit, non-governmental environmental entities, the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan, in 2008, to conserve Jordan’s native flora and co-founded the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan, 1995 to protect Jordan’s coral reef as well as others. Princess Basma bint Ali serves on several national and international boards’ of environmental entities, including, chairing the National Biodiversity Committee of Jordan (Ministry of Environment). Princess Basma bint Ali is an FAO Goodwill Ambassador for the Near East and North Africa and an Ambassador for the Black Jaguar Foundation, which is working on restoring the longest biodiversity corridor in South America. Princess Basma has been awarded many medals for her work, the last of which is the Order of the State Centennial in January 2022, as well as the Henry Shaw Medal by the Missouri Botanical Garden for her pioneering work in raising awareness among Jordanians about the importance of conserving native plants and protecting the environment. In 2002, the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) elected her as a laureate in the Global 500 Roll of Honor for Environmental Achievements. In 1998, she became the first Arab woman to receive the title of Hero for the Planet from Time Magazine. Princess Basma earlier served for 12 years in the Jordanian Armed Forces, reaching the rank of Major. She was awarded the Order of Merit Decoration in 1998 and the King Hussein Gold Medal for Excellence in 1995.

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