XV World Forestry Congress

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Side event
Partners on the frontlines: forest communities lead the way to resilience and building back better

May 5, 2022 | 10:00 AM KST - 11:30 AM KST

Conference Room 308B


Want to achieve the SDGs and the Paris Agreement? Prevent pandemics and build back better after COVID-19? Achieve equitable and sustainable development? Conserve landscapes and biodiversity? End conflict over land, water and resources? Achieve gender equality and inclusion? Increase resilience to coming environmental, health and economic shocks? Build a green economy? Indigenous and local communities that live in and beside forests around the world can show us the way. Research shows that rural communities with community forests are faring better than other communities during the pandemic; that their forests are managed better than those managed by governments or NGOs; that their forests store significantly more carbon and biodiversity; and that they have deep knowledge about the ecosystems they depend on and ways to live sustainably. In fact, Indigenous Peoples and local communities are the world’s most effective stewards of nature. And they own, manage or occupy land containing more than 80 percent of the world’s biodiversity. In our quest to achieve global goals and address the climate crisis, hunger and injustice, we must work with them. This session proposes that we visualize indigenous and local communities as equal partners and meaningful leaders in overcoming the complex challenges we face today. Representatives of forest communities from around the world will present solutions and an agenda for change developed through a participative process facilitated by RECOFTC and its partners. These solutions address the threats of climate change, deforestation and degradation, loss of biodiversity, poverty, inequality and exclusion, food insecurity, conflict and promote ‘one health.’ The session is supported by case studies, research and stories from Africa, Asia and the Americas. Through this session, participants will learn how the participatory process underlying community forestry is a solution for building back better for a more resilient future.

Convening organizations

RECOFTC, www.recoftc.org (host) The Forest Dialogue, https://theforestsdialogue.org

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kannapat.kanpakdee@recoftc.org, katelyn.greer@recoftc.org


ST 2: Nature-based solutions for climate and biodiversity

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