XV World Forestry Congress

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Sub-theme 4 - Session 4
Forests for social cohesion

May 4, 2022 | 11:00 AM KST - 12:30 PM KST

Conference room 201+202

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This session will bring together experiences of practitioners in forest and farm landscapes, civil society groups, researchers and government to discuss key findings on how different forms of social cohesion can help form the glue of sustainable forest landscapes. Forest and farm producer organizations (FFPO) in forest landscapes are providing many crucial social and cultural services to vulnerable members of their constituencies, while also balancing economic and environmental trade-offs. Indigenous People’s organizations, in particular, prioritize protecting and strengthening their members’ cultural identity and well-being.


1. How can FFPOs facilitate greater social inclusion by investing in services or by working in partnership with government to link with social protection programmes? 2. How can equitable empowerment of individuals/champions (women and men) within FFPOs and an enabling environment facilitate social cohesion and improve the sustainability of rural and national development? 3. Many FFPOs are developing youth ‘chapters’ and strategies to keep young farmers interested, but there is a need for a more enabling policy environment that invests in rural youth endeavours in forest landscapes and beyond. 4. Protection of primary and intact forests is increasingly important for the global ecosystem services they provide and for the diverse communities that inhabit them. This session will offer a concrete strategy on ways to build the social cohesion of forest inhabitants as a prerequisite for the sustainable management of primary forests with major carbon sequestration potential.




ST 4: Forests and human health: revisiting the connections