XV World Forestry Congress

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Sub-theme 5 - Session 5
Strengthening communication and education

May 5, 2022 | 2:30 PM KST - 4:00 PM KST


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How can we be brave in our communication about forests to create greater impact and reach broader audiences? • Join an interactive and thought-provoking panel discussion with international experts from the Regional Forest Communicators Networks and the global advertising industry. • Find out what people in the street really think about sustainable forest management. • Learn why forestry needs a new narrative that inspires hope and action, and attracts new generations of foresters to the sector. • Discover how to craft strategies to produce more powerful and impactful communication, within and beyond the forest sector. • Explore ways forward for effective forest communication at country, regional and global levels. • Bring your own forest communication challenges for expert discussion. The second half of the session will provide a snapshot of the status of forest education globally, and highlight needs for greater investment, innovation and new approaches to meet the requirements of different stakeholders, but especially of young people. In an interactive discussion, educators and youth representatives will explore how this can be achieved.


The objective of this session is to outline ways forward for effective forest communication and education at country, regional and global levels to secure a sustainable future for forests.




ST 5: Managing and communicating forest information and knowledge

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