XV World Forestry Congress


Susie Shuford

FMO, the Dutch Development Bank

Portfolio Manager


Susie serves as Portfolio Manager in FMO's Public Investment Management (PIM) and Blended Finance team, overseeing FMO’s business development activities with the European Commission (EC) and Green Climate Fund (GCF). She has sat at both sides of the table - in investment teams and as a technical assistance consultant - working on a number of forestry and sustainable land-use (SLU) programmes such as the UK-funded Mobilising Finance for Forests (MFF) and Partnerships for Forests (PF4). Throughout her career she has supported a range of public and private investors with developing investment strategies and the design of technical assistance facilities for forestry and SLU. Her primary focus has been on improving the bankability of projects through project preparation, both from an ESG and impact perspective. Susie carries educational degrees in environmental economics, science and policy with a focus on climate change.