XV World Forestry Congress


Eun Hye Nam

Arirang Master


We are delighted to introduce Arirang Master, Nam, Eun Hye, who is one of nationally recognized official successors of Arirang, which is recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage, Arirang has been performed with 3,600 variations of 60 different versions worldwide more than 6oo years. Arirang is not just a traditional song, but this is a spirit of Korea. Arirang has been sung in both of South Korea and North Korea, and so it symbolizes reunion of two Koreas. Therefore, we would like to listen to Arirang here together with you. Today, Master Nam will sing for us the original Arirang and Chirchiq Arirang, which has been sung by Korean-Uzbekistan to comfort themselves lived away from their home country. We wish Arirang will carry its peaceful message over global forests without boundaries.