XV World Forestry Congress


Priya Shyamsundar

Nature Conservancy

Lead Economist


Priya Shyamsundar is Lead Economist at the Nature Conservancy. At TNC, she leads a Global Science team that undertakes research on the economics of conservation and environmental management, including valuing the benefits, costs and distributional implications of environmental interventions and designing economic, policy and behavioural nudges that encourage action. Priya’s research covers a range of local conservation to global climate change issues, with a particular focus on economic development. Priya has served on advisory panels for the Government of India, the World Bank, and IGBP, and as a Board member of the International Institute for Sustainable Development, Canada. Previously, Priya was Founder Director of SANDEE, a research network focused on solutions to shared environment-development challenges across seven countries in South Asia. She has consulted extensively for the World Bank, and currently serves as Fellow, Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota, USA. As a member of IUFRO’s Expert Panel on Forests and Poverty, she was involved in an IPCC type global assessment of forests and poverty. She is currently a member of the Science Taskforce supporting the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.